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International Student Admission

8 C.F.R §214.3(j)  Florida Flyers is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

Non-US citizens receiving training in the United States generally need a student visa. Given events of the recent past, flight training is monitored especially closely. The purpose of your visit to the United States determines what visa you will need. If you are traveling to the United States solely for flight training, you are considered a student, and you will need a student visa. Please contact the US embassy  in your home country, your local US consulate, or the  Department of State to determine what kind of visa you will need for your trip. Begin planning for your arrival and stay in Florida well in advance. Some U.S. embassies have wait times of a couple of weeks to apply for a visa interview. The visa requirements sound a lot worse than they actually are. But don’t worry--the visa application process is simpler than it sounds. Along with your training application, we will send a detailed description how to apply for an I-20 form and obtain your M1 student visa.

12 Easy Steps to Enroll

Step  1 Enroll on-line here
Step  2 Pay registration fee and Deposit | Credit Card SSL or | PayPal
The payment will be $500. A fully refundable amount of $250 will be deposited into your student account at Florida Flyers. $250 will be used to cover our expenses for shipping, etc.
Step  3 Send us a copy of your passport (PDF or JPEG) via e-mail to
Step  4 We write up a cost estimate for your training and your stay with us
Step  5 You send us proof of sufficient funds
You can send a bank statement, a copy of your savings passbook, or a confirmation letter from your bank. The proof of sufficient funds required by immigration law must show an amount equal to or greater than the amount in our cost estimate.
Step  6 We issue Form I-20 for your visa
1. You get an advance e-mail copy with the Sevis Nxxx number
2. We send the original to your address by UPS overnight express
Step  7 Pay Sevis I-901 fee of $200 to Sevis. You will need Form I-20 from us to do this.
Step  8 Fill out Form DS-160 on-line
Step  9 Set up an appointment for a personal interview with your local U.S. embassy or consulate.
Appointments may be available on-line.
Step 10 Have a photo taken for your visa.
You cannot use regular photos. Please check the requirements here.
Step 11 Personal interview at the U.S. embassy or consulate
Step 12 The embassy/consulate will send you the M1 student visa along with your passport.The visa will be placed in your passport and mailed to your home address within a few days.
The procedures and requirements for M1 Student Visa issuance may vary by Country. Please check with your local U.S. Embassy what are the requirements and procedures for you.

When do you need a M1 Student Visa?

  • Private Pilot Course
  • Instrument Rating Course
  • Commercial Pilot Course
  • Multi Engine Rating Course
  • Full-time Part 141 Course
  • Simulator training and Type Ratings

You may not need a M1 Student Visa for:

  • Stand-Alone FAA License
  • Foreign Pilot License Validation
  • Restricted foreign based License
  • Flying Vacation and Hour Building
  • Checkout w/ Flight Instructor
  • Acquisition of an Endorsement
Please contact the U.S. embassy  in your home country, your local U.S. consulate, or the  Department of State to determine what kind of visa you will need for your trip.

Florida Flyers Designated School Officials (SEVIS)

Rainer Hueckels Loeffeck
SEVIS Primary School Official
+1 (904) 209-3505 ext. 383
Bettina Ruhrmann
SEVIS Designated School Official
+1 (904) 209-3505 ext. 382

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