John Paul, Ireland- PPL

I was very impressed from initial contact with the Florida Flyers Team right through to my arrival in St Augustine, Florida for flight training. The staff were very helpful and I had a great instructor who pushed me to achieve my goal of PPL in 3 weeks training.  The school itself was conveniently located at St Augustine Airport with a nice air conditioned and well equipped building.

Lieven, Germany- PPL

I enjoyed my stay at Florida Flyers very much. Everything was well-organized for my training, the infrastructure was excellent and the entire flight training package worked well for me. I'd like to thank my flight instructor (Sean) in particular for getting me from zero experience to Private Pilot within no time. His knowledge is excellent in both, flight and ground instruction.

Sven, Germany-PPL

I only had four weeks to obtain my Private Pilot License and passed the FAA practical exam right on time. Thanks to my Flight Instructor Michael and the Florida Flyers Crew who made this happen. Florida Flyers is large enough, to provide flexible and reliable service but on the flip-side it remained personal and offers a great family-like atmosphere. Every one was very kind, helpful and friendly.

Michael, Switzerland-PPL

The past four weeks were a great adventure for me. It has been a lot of fun and I had a really great time in Florida and enjoyed it a lot. At Florida Flyers everything was perfectly organized and well prepared for foreign students. At the office it was just meticulously organized and efficient. My Instructor Jeff was very patient. Thank you folks.

Mike, Switzerland-PPL

When we arrived at Florida Flyers we were received like a family member and felt very comfortable during the entire time of your stay. This is the place to be. My flight instructor Jeffrey helped my to become a Private Pilot in only five weeks. Everything at Florida Flyers was well-organized and the staff was very friendly, kind and helpful throughout my entire stay.

Marco, Germany- PPL

Thanks again to the Florida Flyers staff. You guys made it possible to fulfill my lifetime dream, becoming a Pilot. I had to pintch myself a few times that I was able to get the PPL within only four weeks and right at FAA minimum requirements. My flight instructors were great and very professional. Thanks also to Bob who was my Designated FAA Examiner.


Like every year, we came back to Florida Flyers in February to rent four planes for our annual trip through the Caribbean and to see the Carnival to Trinidad and Tobago. As the tour guide I would like to express how thankful we are for your outstanding customer service. Like usual, anything possible was well-prepared for our vacation trip. We'll see you guys next year.

Carsten, Germany-CPL

The past three weeks were just great. It was my fourth training event with Florida Flyers within the past few years. This time I wanted to get my CPL and do some IFR hour building in sunny Florida. As usual, Visa, TSA, anything possible had been well-prepared by Bettina. After my arrival I started flying the very next day and passed my CPL checkride only 8 days later.

Melanie, Germany-PPL

Due to the well-organized flight training and the best service ever I was able to get my PPL in four weeks only. Thanks again. It has been a great time. The Florida Flyers staff was kind and friendly and warmhearted.

Joern, Germany- PPL

Whoever wants a recommendation or opinion can rely on mine when I say, that your school is so well organized, your aircraft are all well maintained and the staff is perfectly trained and knows how to teach flying! THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!

Jeff, St. Augustine, IR

I was very satisfied with the professionalism displayed by my instructor Ben Brandt who worked thought the lesson plans for my IFR rating. I would highly recommend Florida Flyers flight school for instruction.

Siggi, Switzerland-MEL

I'd like to say thank you. The new multiengine PA 44 has been a pleasure to fly. It is very easy to handle and the top notch avionics are great. I felt very comfortable at Florida Flyers all the time and will certainly return! Thanks again.

Alain, Switzerland-PPL

Quality is defined as the fulfillment of client expectations. I'm more than confident that Florida Flyers will fulfill your expectation.  I'm so confident about it because the owner and his team really care about you, your goals. Great customer service. Instrument Rating in 3 weeks.

Willi, Germany- MEL

I wanted to make sure I thanked all of you there at Florida Flyers for helping me get the multi engine restriction removed from my license so I could fly home with an ME Commercial IFR license! It was really a team effort. Everyone there worked hard to help things go smoothly.

Torsten, Austria, PPL

After four perfectly organized weeks at KSGJ Airport I am back to normal life. Your service is just perfect and the Florida Flyers Team as well. I got my Private Pilot License in just as little as four weeks and that just because of you. Thank you so much for your great service and your hospitality

Martina and Oliver, USA-PPL

Thanks Bettina for organizing our schedules,Rainer for being there in the middle of the night when we were stuck and especially our flight instructors for preparing us perfectly not only for the check-ride but as pilots. e also appreciated the well maintained fleet of aircraft.

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